Graphic Vector illustrations for BGE

What could be more exciting than a collection of straightforward generic-looking illustrations of heating appliances?!!  

The funny thing is...  these were really FUN to create!   It's probably important to explain why though...  First of all, when working in vector via Adobe Illustrator, I always find that the program takes my imperfect skills and magically transforms them into mathematically precise lines and shapes in a way that just puts me in awe.   I sit back and say "yeah- I did that!".  But really, the vector program did it.  Secondly, these illustrations needed to be nice-looking representations of the gadgets, without needing to be completely mechanically accurate.  If I had agreed to make these properly measured and mechanically precise, I would have most likely spent the evenings sucking my thumb and weeping.    

Each illustration is based on an isometric grid.   The process was pretty simple and less-than-scientific.   A grid was downloaded for free from the web and via the transform tools in Photoshop, I stretched and pulled my less-than-helpful low-res and pixelated pieces of photo reference until a rough layout was created.  The rough was imported into Illustrator, along with a layer with a grid.  The vector was built on top of these and voila!


Which Two Are the Same?...

Also... for the same Highlights Puzzlemania issue, this was an additional game illustrated to go along with the "differences" puzzle.   It was made for little kids, but how fast can YOU figure it out?...