The Angst of Artistic Advertising

Although the idea of sending blanket emails out makes me feel a little oogy...  it's all part of how the whole artist/advertising thing works these days.  I try to keep them short, sweet, and as far from obnoxious as I possibly can with a very easy "unsubscribe" at the bottom.   It always amazes me that 20% of emails opened is a GOOD thing!  Out of the 2000 I sent today about 400 made it to someone's eyes, however briefly.  Other forms of digital advertising are in the works too.  Thanks to some very helpful illustrators out there who post excellent videos on the business of art, (Thank you Will Terry and Jake Parker) I'm finally getting off my duff and trying to get a handle on the use of social media.  It's a bit of an uphill climb right now, but I'm learning a lot.  Here's my image from today's mailing: